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October 8th, 2010, 11:24 AM
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Updated... and i m improving sooo much lately so ive decided to wipe out this post, and would like all my writing to be as positive as possible.... on a new med for 3 weeks... celexa... its one ive been on a lot b4, and it seems to be doing a lot for me.. im also doing a meditation group, and on my own at home, and using POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS ... ive realized the more positive i feel, and think, the more it multiplies, also... if i go the negative path, it will unfortunately do the same thing. I am also in a PPD group with other moms.

I still am having some rough times with accepting some thoughts and feelings that are negative or what i find to be innappriate... but im learning not to obsess and worry over them as it draws more attn to them.

I KNOW that i am a good person , and a good mom, and thats what matters the most. I have learned A HUGE LESSON over this past year or two... and that is not to JUDGE MYSELF or OTHERS, as we do not know what ppl are going through, or about their lives... so respect or leave it be.. also ive learned to be GRATEFUL for all the good things we have in our life, and lastly to be POSITIVE!!!. Ty for all your support. <3 Ill still be posting here tho. so im not leaving hugs.

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