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October 8th, 2010, 03:00 PM
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Chiara (kee-AHR-a)- Definitely not a fan of this spelling.
Sidony/Sidonie- I'm pronouncing this's okay.
Geneva- nms but pretty
Eudora- nms
Jocasta- nms
Abbott- I kind of like this
Acacia- nms but not horrible
Alcott- I like this
Aloisa- pretty
Anwen- nms, prefer Arwen
Ara- okay
Ananda- nms
Bai- seems too nicknamey
Chan- nms
Famke- nmsaa
Garcelle- nms
Ione- nms
Joss- I like this for a male or female
Lake- not a fan of as a name
Leelee- nms
Mena- pretty but would spell it Mina
Moby- not sure if I like this or not
Nia- okay
Paz- kind of cool but not sure if I'd use it
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