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June 30th, 2006, 11:25 AM
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I need some stories from BTDT moms. I desperately wanted to go natural with my DD. 3 hours after my ctx's started my water broke and so I jumped right into the nasty, intense ctx's 3 min. apart...and got through 9 hours of that naturally. But when we went to the hospital after that, I got an epi an hour and a half later (after trying a short round of Nubain to get me to relax my back). And I wasn't even in transition yet! I'm not ashamed that I did get one...disappointed, but not ashamed. I'm glad that after not even being able to speak for 9 hours or not be able to move 1 inch. w/out dreading the next ctx that it would bring, that I could finally function somewhat normally. And I was able to enjoy the rest.

But now I feel like since I've had the epi, I'll be a wimp forever and never be able to go natural with any future deliveries. I'm even an advocate for going natural since I've researched the effects of an epi, yet I feel spoiled because I could get up and walk around like normal less than 45 minutes after she came out, my baby showed no adverse reactions, found the breast immediately and nursed great.

But as much relief as it was, I kinda wish it'd been a bad experience so I'd be more encouraged to go natural this next time around!!!
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