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June 30th, 2006, 12:17 PM
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I had an epi with Ani and it was not a bad experience. I still (6 1/2 years later) have a tiny numb spot on my back but that's not a big deal or a problem at all. Ani showed no obvious side effects of the drugs, nursed right away and everything, and I was up and around within about an hour of her birth. I felt great. Then I had Cameron all natural. Even though I did not have a bad experience medicated with Ani non-medicated with Cameron was way better. I was up within minutes of his birth and felt even better than I had after Ani was born. I felt like I could, right that second, go run a marathon. So while Ani's birth was great, Cameron's was awesome. Even between two good experiences the natural birth was way better. And obviously it was worth it since I'll be having a homebirth (and so obviously no drugs) any time now (due Tuesday).

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