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October 9th, 2010, 09:26 PM
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We have a good relationship now and talk almost daily, we did go through our rough patches though..
My mom was great at letting us be ourselves and express our individuality, whether that be in our clothes, hairstyles ( I rocked the ducktail in 2nd grade, & in 3rd I shaved lines in the sides and painted them - geez does that show my age or what?) music, decorating our rooms. She was also great at instilling a work ethic in us, if we wanted something we had to work for it and earn it.. But she was also very affectionate, we always got hugs and kisses and said I love you...

Do you find yourself saying things that sound like your mom? LOL yes sometimes I do, then cringe later when the kids aren't watching...
Do you think you parent like your mother did? To a certain extent, when it comes to promoting my kids individuality and independence yes. Where I am different is that I am much more open with my kids and they know that no matter what they can come to me, even if it's something I don't want to think/talk about, sex drugs etc.. Growing up, things like that just weren't discussed, heck I didn't even tell my mom I was pregnant at 17 until I was over 6 months along, even though I knew that it wouldn't change her love for me, I think I just knew it would dissappoint her and so I put it off til I couldn't hide it anymore...
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