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October 11th, 2010, 10:22 AM
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I know we all have this post sometime or another, but here is mine...

A good friend of mine from back in high school is pregnant with her first. She posts some of her blog entries on FB, so I will read them from time to time. This is an intelligent woman. She is going through her PhD program right now for psychology. So I am even more baffled that she wouldn't research pregnancy, labor and birth MORE! If your life is based on research, why wouldn't you research this?

Her mom is a labor and delivery nurse and has been for years. So I think she is relying on her knowledge. We had a conversation at my parents while I was visiting a few weeks ago and she said her mom said to just turn down the epi when it's time to push so you can feel it and push more effectively. If you do that then you can avoid a c/s. It just seemed so clinical, get the epi, labor, then turn it down and push the baby out. I suppose it works like that for some women, but what happens when it doesn't work like that?

I don't know. It takes everything in me not to share some info with her. But really I know she will ignore it. Since she is in the process of getting her PhD, I'm pretty sure she thinks I've turned into some hippie Seattle-ite with my home birth and cloth diapers.

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