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October 11th, 2010, 01:04 PM
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We found out we were pregnant Feb 10th.. On March 1st we found out we were going to have twins. I had visions of what I wanted labor to be. I had my son 20 years ago with one dose of demerol (they had to use the vaccume extractor, and thy did give me an episodomy) But I was 15 so I had hoped to go natural with this pregnancy.

Once we found out we were going to have twins... that hope and what I had visions of labor, seemed to disapear with every Drs appt. I was able to come to a compromise with my Dr.. If they were head down I would be able to labor until 7cm and then get an epidural (which I didn't want, but for the safety of twins.. my Dr felt it was "necessary")

On Sept 14th my water broke at 905, I was 33wks 4d, I got to the hospital at 930 and I was 1cm and 90% effaced. They started me on Mag and one dose of Stadol, to try to get the contractions to stop... and that did not work..
Both babies were head down, and my doctor (Who must have been in a great mood...) Said to me. Do you still want to do this natural? And I said yes! He said "ok.. lets see if we can have these baby vaginal with no epidural. But by doing this, if you need a c-section you will have to be put under".. I took the chance.

The contractions were not bad.. so my Dr told me to tell him they were getting more intense.. they started to come a little harder. 1000 I was 3cm.. They turned off the mag. and by 1100 I was 6cm. The contractions started comming every min lasting for about 50 secs. The nurse was pushing for a epidural.. But I refused, again. She said let me check you.. with that it is about midnight.. She said oh my I better call Dr D (he went to his office). You are about 9cm.. Within about 5 min of her walking out the door.. I was on the call bell saying I had to push. Since it was twins, I have to deliver in the C-Section OR. I had I think every nurse on the floor in my room.. ripping the monitor, pushing the bed down to ther C-section room, getting my DH dressed.. So within mins I was in the section OR My Dr called the team, since I didn't have an epidural, But Everything went GREAT! I started pushing about 1215-1220.. and at 1239 Julia was born weighing 4lbs 7oz 17 3/4 in length. They checked and Jillian's HB was strong.. and the contractions started and I told Dr D I had to push.. and he said well than go ahead... and at 1246 Jillian was born weighing 4 lbs 12 oz. I did have a small 2nd degree tear.

I had hoped I could do this.. and I was able!!! I lurked here and hoped I would be able to post this! You all even though you didn't know me.. gave me hope! Thanks!

Thank you GraysMama For my BEAUTIFUL Siggy!!!

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