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October 12th, 2010, 10:16 AM
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How/when did you meet your SO?

My first week of classes in college a girl invited me out with her and her boyfriend and "some of their friends"..she was pretty cool so I figured what the hell, I don't know many people. We ended up at Sam's apartment (apparently they had told him I was coming, I thought it was awfully clean for a bachelor pad ) and Sam got me pretty drunk (my mom had just died a few months prior to this, booze was my therapy at the time)...we had a good time hanging out all night, but i was way more interested in his friend (who was interested in me, too...he took me back to my dorm..sam was pissed!)

Love at first sight:
ABSOLUTELY NOT. I wanted nothing to do with Sam. I thought he was a dumb hillbilly and I was disgusted that he smoked (my mom died from lung/brain cancer). I had given him my number, but anytime he texted or called I already had plans. He started bugging me around campus (randomly showing up in the cafeteria when I would be on my lunch break (friend was in all my classes, so he would "come to see Steph") and finally I told him if he quit smoking I would go on a date with him.

He was in diesel mechanics, and the shop was right outside the window of the daycare on campus (ECE major, I spent a lot of time in the daycare) and I would always see him outside smoking with his friends on break....well I started to notice he was outside, but he was never smoking...and Steph would make little comments like "Cole cant believe that Sam just quit smoking for a girl he doesn't even know"..and blah blah blah..finally little less than a month later I agreed to go out to lunch with Sam on a Sat afternoon...I asked him if he had quit smoking and he said that he'd had 3 total since the day I told him I would go out with him if he quit, and then thanked me for making him quit because it was a gross habit and he felt so much better not doing it. We've been together ever since (Sept 8, 2005!)

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