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June 30th, 2006, 10:58 PM
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To be honest, not talking about it is just going to make you fester inside forever instead of a resolution in a couple of days and it be over.
I think you need to sit down and really think about what you find acceptable behavior. Be as specific as possible (ie. talking about sex is not acceptable etc.) and lay it all out for him. Make it a discussion, not an argument. Let him know that you have concerns that a line might get crossed and you're not comfortable with the situation after this psycho girl and that maybe, since you're pg, that temporary agreements be arranged to reduce your stress levels.[/b]

Erica, that is a wonderful idea! I think I might do that, I am a little calmer about it right now than I was earlier about it. All of my friends say he keeps stepping over the lines (male AND female). I will probably ask him about it tomorrow sometime but I am not going to pounce on him or anything. I don't want to immediately put him on the defensive.
In a way now I wish I hadn't decided to snoop and that is exactly what he is going to say to me. But he gets so secretive about what he is doing, every time I have the chance I do it.
Maybe if he were willing to communicate with me more, maybe I might see his need to get involved with something like that....slowly though and after I have the baby. I had a bad experience with my ex-husband about that so that is why I am still so turned off.
I think all in all I am an understanding wife. I do let him get away with way more than most wives allow but I don't want to seem like I am overbearing or nagging him, KWIM? I see the way his mother treats his dad and the enviroment he grew up in where his mother ran the household and I don't want him to feel he is in that situation.
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