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October 13th, 2010, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Kari_B View Post
How are you doing lately? I don't really know how to answer this one. I am doing good and very anxious for out baby girl to get here. One thing that has been troubling me is that I'm not that motivated to get the nursery done, or to even get excited about the nursery. I was at the very beginning... but now I just feel like I shouldn't be preparing. That I should wait till she is here. It's hard to explain. I'm also struggling with our friends and family not fully understanding what OPEN adoption means. I hate feeling like people think I'm a freak because I want to have a very close and meaningful relationship with the person that is having our baby.

Any updates on your Birth Children / or adoption process for the Adoptive Mommas? No really big changes here. We are going to work on the nursery this weekend, whether I feel like it or not. And then on Sunday I have my first baby shower, which Shantel is coming to. I really am excited that she is coming, I just hope my friends don't make her feel uncomfortable. What do you ladies think... would it have been really weird to be at your adoptive mama's babyshower? Should I not have invited her? She seemed super excited about the invite...

There should be a manual for this kind of thing!

How's the weather in your area? Weather is gorgeous! It was sunny, blue skies and around 74 today... perfect!!

Are you or your kiddos dressing up for Halloween? If she arrives by then, I think I'll have to put her in something at least for pictures!
You will get the Nursery done eventually, your little one probably won't even be sleeping in there right away anyways, so I wouldn't worry about it.
I think it is awesome that you invited her to the baby shower! In my situation, I would have been weirded out, because we didn't have a close relationship during pregnancy, but I've seen/read many blogs lately where both adoptive momma and birth momma go to the same shower. On one blog (I think the R house blog, which I'm, not obsessed with) not only did the adoptive momma get some gifts for the birth mom, but so did some of her friends/family, which I thought was super cool. Keep us posted And hang in there, open adoption is still so taboo to so many people, but they will see how amazing it is by watching you and Shantel! Also, if Shantel is exicted, then I think it was the right move, I'm sure you would have known if she didn't feel comfortable about it!

Originally Posted by JMC1988 View Post
How are you doing lately? I have been doing pretty great! Just lots and lots of work and school. I start in November to finally finish a degree. So, hopefully by Spring next year, I will have my Phlebotomy Tech Degree! Yay! I am not to happy with my job right now, as my Supervisor and Director make it hard for anyone to work in my office and I am under a lot of stress, on top of my nerves already being bad! But other than that, pretty dang fantastic!

Any updates on your Birth Children / or adoption process for the Adoptive Mommas? Nothing other than the usual, some more pics and updates and school progress! She is doing really great in school and they are evaluating her to put her in the gifted program! Have no idea where she got that from, must be from her dad!

How's the weather in your area? FANTABULOUS ..... It is finally Fall / Autumn weather here (which is my fav. season) and I have been getting some really great pics of the fall foliage. Always a constant Autumn breeze and leaves blowing!

Are you or your kiddos dressing up for Halloween? I think she is going as Tinker Bell, but I can't exactly remember.

WOO HOO good luck with school!!! That is amazing, what a great decision you are making!
And WOO HOO for the gifted and talented program, what a smart cookie

How are you doing lately?
Pretty well, hit a little speed bump last night though. I've been busy with work and Matthew. Stressing about money, or lack of lately, this economy is just really killing us. But, we are hanging in there

Any updates on your Birth Children / or adoption process for the Adoptive Mommas?
I actually haven't had any contact with my daughter or her parents since our visit in June. I e-mailed her Mom a while back but haven't heard back from her. I know they get busy, but I'm getting antsy now.

How's the weather in your area?
It's a roller coaster. Last week was in the 80's, yesterday a high of 50 (I had to turn the heat on last night, it was only 33 degrees!) and today it will hit almost 70.

Are you or your kiddos dressing up for Halloween?
I'm not sure what Rebecca is dressing up as, but Matthew is going to be a bumble bee!
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