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October 13th, 2010, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by jamie7 View Post
That's great! I went to a chiropractor last week b/c I had middle back pain and it was not a uti. She said I had a spasm. I did not like how she adjusted me (it scared me, I thought she was to rough). Maybe I just don't know how it is suppose to be while you are preg. Can I ask you a couple questions? She had me lay face down, the table did not lower nearly enough for my belly. A massage lady came in and rubbed me for about 5 mins the put heat on. After that the doc came in and adjusted my upper back while I was laying face down. Then I flipped over and she really renched on me. I had to put one leg bent over the other and she used her knee to push down on my bent leg (but she threw all her body weight onto my leg), nothing really happened so she did it again and then on the other side. I was just freaked out that she was hurting my babies so I cancelled my next appt. Sorry for highjacking your thread but just wanted to find out what a "normal" pregnancy visit at the chiropracter was like! Thanks so much!

she gave me a belly pillow on lay on face down and told me if it wasn't enough that she could double up with another, but one seemed to be enough. then she lowered the table in front, but had it rise around hip level, which made it even more comfortable for my belly. then she adjusted my upper and mid back, and then i turned over on to my back and she adjusted my neck. we didn't do any massage or heat, but probably because i wasn't having any muscle spasms.
if you felt she was too rough i would definitely switch too!

Cheryl, that is a good idea, i'll just ask her to "pretend" on Sarah next time if it becomes an issue.
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