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July 1st, 2006, 01:03 AM
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i have the same problem u have with my bf and the whole myspace thing. i found him on there the other day looking for women in the area to talk to. he is always looking for women on there. he says its just for conversation but i say thats a bunch of bull. i told him how it make me feel uncomfortable and that i dont c why he has to look for women to talk to in the area cause thats nothin but trouble and he tells me that im just tryin to find somethin to complain about but i think this is ligitimate complaint. i been thinkin about this for the past few days and it really hurts and i dont feel that i can talk to him because he is not being understanding. i dont know what to do. i been seriously considering calling it off between us because of it. i find it completely unacceptable and he is not willing to stop. he says that women think that men are automatically stop looking at other women when they are together. WTH?? i dont know what to do
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