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October 13th, 2010, 01:02 PM
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Hi ladies! I know I am not on much, but I am thankful I have you all when I need some like minded friends!!

I have had both of my boys natural, no interventions, no pain meds... ya know all that good stuff...

As I have said before I am expecting twins and they won't let me deliver in water. Maybe that has demoralized me since DS 2 was the most AMAZING water birth. I had hopes of staying home and doing a water birth with pg #3, but now the twins thing has thrown me and I am seriously thinking I would like to get a walking epi. (I am delivering at a BC)
What are your thoughts? Feel free to talk me out of it!! I just feel tired and I have NO desire to go thru the "killer crowning pain" of birth (especially TWICE!). The pushing part of labor and crowning are just SO painful... it seems like it would be nice to "just enjoy" a little pain meds this time around! HELP!!
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