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October 14th, 2010, 07:20 AM
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I believe in homeopathy. Cadie gets homeopathic remedies a lot, Hylands brand sells a lot of blends for kids beyond the teething tablets. Beyond that it's not the best idea to do random homeopathy without guidance, because there are often many options and what to chose is based just as much on an individual's temperament as symptoms. It often requires a whole evaluation. We were seeing a Holistic MD for a while but left her practice because she was tough to deal with personality wise, but for a while we had a constitutional remedy for Cadie to help with sluggish digestion and tough teething.

if you are looking to get into herbs and stuff, there might be a class in your area or lecture you can attend, I need to find one myself. Or a naturopathic doctor to see? They are usually covered.

I would also suggest finding a gentle pediatric/family chiropractor. Many people think they are bull, I am finding they are fantastic for health maintenance and prevention. I take both my girls now and they don't do adjustments on babies and children as they do adults. My chiro is also very gentle on me, much moreso than the guy I had been seeing for most of my pregnancy. There are typically lots around so if you find someone but don't like them or don't feel comfortable you can always find someone new. With Ethan's ear issues this would be very helpful.

For winter you can get everyone on a probiotic and Vit D. For colds simple things like Vit D, C, Garlic (raw, cooked or odorless pills) and elderberry syrup does wonders. They sell children's elderberry or if you get alcohol free everyone can take the same stuff. I also just found out that raw honeycomb is great for colds and general maladies. I still need to get my hands on some.

This is my favorite remedy for sniffles, colds, flu, fevers- Cold Sock Treatment. It works great. Keep nice big wool socks on hand for this. You can also just rub badger winter balm (like Vicks but without all the chemicals, wonderful stuff) on the bottom of their feet and put wool socks over for bedtime. They sleep really well with this. Works for adults too.

I have a natural remedies for kids book but honestly, I don't use it because it usually includes all kinds of things I don't have on hand and have not figured out how to get a hold of. At this point I can't get Cadie to drink weird teas and stuff.
She has a cold right now and I have been making this tea for her and mixing it with juice, she doesn't even know it's in there- Traditional Medicinals - Category - Just for Kids

If you feel most comfortable buying things there are almost always more natural and organic versions available such as herbal cough syrup, hylands has a cold care homeopathic remedy etc.

eta: another thing you can do is get a diffuser and use essential oils in your home. You can use oils like cinnamon to kill germs, and use eucalyptus, pine, and tea tree oil when someone has a cold. The possibilities are endless. I was using a candle warming method put carcinogens into the air so I just ordered a few diffusers. Essential oils are wonderful and your house will smell great toboot! It's important to get a quality oil. I like aura cacia. Young Living is the best, but they are very expensive.

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