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October 14th, 2010, 08:41 AM
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So I went to my husband made me go to urgent care this morining because my back spasms kept me up in tears all night. The Dr. confirmed it was muscular (not kidney, or skeletal) and perscribed me lortab. After reading up on lortab I was not confortable taking it--so I acalled my MW and she agreed that we could try to be more agressive with trying to get labor to go forward (it looks like that is the only chance of relief for my back). The biggest problem is because of my back I cannot really walk or change positions easily.

So my MW did a home visit. She checked me, I am 5cm and at -1 station. She did a cervical massage (don't let the term message fool you it was very uncomfortable). She also gave me a black and blue cohash misture and told me to take a dose right away and a second dose in 4 hours. Since then I have had a little bloody show (I have never had any before) and some fairly strong contractions (though they are far apart and irregular.

So fingers crossed...

UPDATE: So I had contractions every 3-6min from about 2pm until about 8:30pm when we went to bed. I had a bunch of bloody show but the contractions sort of peetered out during the night. This morning I used the pump for 10 min to get things started, and now I am contracting every 5-7min again but only for 30-45 secs. My MW said she would AROM if I could get down to 0 station or lower. I am hoping I can convince my MW or Doula (who is a MW in training) to come a do a check to see if I have progressed enough to AROM -- because I seem to have plateaued and there is so little I can do because I cannot really walk because of my back. With my son they broke my water at 3cm and he was born within 2 hours.

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