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October 14th, 2010, 08:45 AM
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I do with Ethan. His temper tantrums are epic & they get worse if I try to calm him down, so I put him on our ottoman in the living room & tell him to stay put until he can talk to me & I walk out of the room. I can always hear him trying to get control of himself & then when he's calm he comes to me & says "Ethan all done." I've found that trying to reason with him makes the tantrum worse & if I get frustrated & raise my voice... 100 times worse. When he was younger, I would put him in his room & shut the door & stand outside until he got control over himself. I know every kid is different, but Ethan needs to be removed from me, Mike & whatever he's angry about to be able to re-group.

I also use it when he's blatantly doing something he knows is not allowed. He usually sits where ever I put him until I tell him he can play again. After he's done in the time-out, I ask him why he had to stop playing. He usually knows, he says "Ethan throw car." or "I make mess." Or whatever. If he does it again, the time-out moves to his room (or in the house if we're outside). I've been doing time-outs with him for awhile, so he understands. I started them when the temper-tantrums became a problem & as he's gotten old enough to understand what he's doing wrong, I started using them for that too. They're very effective for the temper-tantrums, but honestly I'm not sure how they're working for misbehaving. He's just 2, so still pretty young, but I'm trying to be consistent about rules & consequences. My hubby is a bit of a push over, so that's a problem in our house. Mike will let him get away with a lot more than I do, partially I think because he's not home with him every day.

I'm working very hard as a Mommy to not yell unless he's doing something dangerous & I need to get his attention. This is a huge challenge for me; I'm a vocal person & I know I have a quick temper. Sometimes putting him in a different room until he calms down is as much for me to re-gain my composure as it is for him. I know Cadie is older than Ethan, so I'm not sure how time-outs will work. I think time-outs are really helping Ethan learn action & consequence.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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