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October 14th, 2010, 09:39 AM
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I put brylie in "timeout" for about 15 seconds if she's doing something she shouldnt be (playing in the dog's water dish..drives me NUTS!) or if she is being super naughty - she totally get's it that when i put her down in the corner, she better not move until i get on her level. I don't yell at her or anything - ever - but I do get on her level and say "that is not okay" and she goes to the corner for a few seconds..she usually cries for about 2-3 seconds and then just sits there until I get down and say "I put you in timeout because you were playing in Ellie's water dish and I asked you to stop" (I also usually ask her 3x and redirect her before I remove her from the situation and put her in the corner)...once timeout is over i give her a hug and then she goes and plays in the living room. she is very slowly starting to go to Ellie's water dish less and less.

We don't put her in her room or crib ever because we don't want her to associate those places with "bad" feelings, but it's all personal preference on what you think will work for you! My in law's thought I was insane the first time they saw me put her in timeout..until they saw her just sit there and then she was totally done with playing in the water dish. I don't think a few minutes alone to recollect herself will hurt anything Even in a 1 year old

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