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October 14th, 2010, 10:20 AM
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Last winter Jacob was just under a year old.. He was interested in being outside, but not so much in playing in the snow at all. I think he just wanted to watch the snow fall.

What we did was find fleece lined pants that had the outer material like wind pants material, so it was more likely to be water resistant. We put thermals on under that (or footed pj's would be good too). I found soft soled leather booties at Target that were fleece lined as well. Look in the actual baby section by their bottles/nuks/bibs etc. Then we had a fleece lined coat similar to the pants. Put a long sleeved shirt under that, usually a thermal. Found some lined mittens that had the water resistant material outside. We would put the cloth mittens under those if it was really cold. Then we had a hat with the little ear flaps, it was also fleece lined.

We did this in Minnesota. We're in Wisconsin now and might have to find a different game plan this year. Jacob is almost two though so he might do just fine in a snow bib and jacket with normal boots. Look at children's consignment or thrift places if you have trouble finding stuff for younger kids. I noticed at most chain retail places all I could find for a year and under was the bulky fleece junk that wasn't water resistant.

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we're having the same issues with Brylie - we don't have snow *yet* but i know we will in less than a month

We bought her some thick thermal like shirts at once upon a child, and are trying to figure out shoes..she can only walk in robeez and obviously those aren't suitable snow playing shoes! i dont want to put her in hard soles yet

as far as a snow suit - i think we'll get her something but only use it when it's bitter cold out (shes a weirdo and LOVES the cold) - not her mom's daughter lol - otherwise, im in the same boat as you!
Check Target! I had a lot of luck there. I think a friend of mine also spotted some on Old Navy's website. They're like robeez, but they're off brand. They were thicker leather soles, leather outside and some kind of fleece material inside. The ones I had anyway. Target also had some that looked like cowboy boots last year. They may not be as water resistant, but they dry fast.
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