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July 1st, 2006, 10:33 AM
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Hmmm...I'm wondering if you had some malpresentation issues with your first? It's not unusual for malpresented babies to have early water breaking, intense UC and not much progress. 9 hours of contractions 3min apart that you couldn't talk through isn't really what I would call a normal labor. Yes, I've seen moms do it, and I've done it for 8 hours, but still...I wouldn't say it's normal. In my case, I stalled at 4cm because there was an unexpected wrench thrown into my birth plans. In other cases I've seen, it was almost always malpresentation.[/b]
Actually, my baby was in perfect position! She was just a little pickle from the start. My mw/doula and OB (yes, I had all 3...haha) were impressed that she presented perfectly, having thought the same thing as you at some point. It may not be normal, but that's definately the way it ended up happening to me, darn it. ( and yes, I had a doula too...and I felt like I really let her down, especially seeing how she flew across the country to be with me for a natural birth)

Relaxation & hypnobirthing techniques were the very things I prepared myself with. But I will admit I wasn't as strong as I'd hoped I'd be when it came to overall positive thinking. My support team was great, but I think I just gave up after a while (I know, that's like the cardinal sin in NCB ). I'm the quiet type, and don't like much talking going on, as I prefer to just sit back, breathe, and do my best to relax, but I think next time I've got to find a way to get more help than I allowed this first time.

BTW- I really like your positive/negative thinking practice! That's pretty cool!
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