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October 14th, 2010, 09:55 PM
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My first birth was going along great -- 8cm, 5 hours into labor and I decided for an epi. Everything stalled and after another 5 hours of labor, it all ended in a C-section. Aftwards, I had the WORST back pain! They actually had to readminister the epi when I went into the delivery room because when they were moving me from one table to the other, the darn thing was pulled out! Frustrating. I swear that I still feel back pain in that location almost 6 years later.

My second birth was all-natural -- a VBac. Very intense and over in about 3 hours. Since I have experienced both worlds of pain, I would have to say that I would do it all natural again. It was totally amazing--painful, but amazing.

But whichever way you go, it has to be a personal decision. No one should coerce you one way or the other. You're the only one who knows what your body is capable of.
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