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October 15th, 2010, 09:04 AM
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We do time outs. Prior to about 2 yrs old, I would sit with him to keep him in time out (but not giving him attention while in time out, just basically keeping him there). When he got to two, he would understand that he had to stand there and we do a minute for every year of age, so at 2 he was in time out for 2 minutes. I would set a timer and when it rang (and the dog barked - she hated the timer) we would discuss why he was in time out and why he shouldn't do whatever got him there.

As he got older, we had to make consequences. If he went in time out and continued the bad behavior, he would loose a toy or privilege (TV or something along those lines). We still do that. Now if he cries in time out he can't come out till he stops crying. If he won't stop crying, he goes to his room. A friend of mine shared that tip and said it almost always works - with or without toys in the bedroom.

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