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July 1st, 2006, 02:41 PM
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I think it is totally acceptable to set acceptable limits for anything. His mom may have been overbearing but that doesn't mean you have to be a doormat to compensate. If he has issues surrounding his parents relationship it really isn't your responsibility to heal those, he needs to seek out counselling or whatever is necessary to deal with those. You can be undesrtanding of his background, but you can't be held to some ideal of how you should act in your marriage to accomodate his past issues.

I think it is wayyyyy out of line & in my house it would be a "walls shaking" kind of ordeal. I think it is extremely permissive to allow him to speak abotu sex with other women. I have male friends & colleagues. I may tease a single male friend in an email (like I did a couple weeks back..when it was my anniversary & he was going to a bachelor auction to be sold off for charity...) that "at least I know one of us will get laid" - but I would never actually discuss the details of sex, my sex lfe, his sex life, etc with him. It is none of his business, none of my business & it only invites too much involvement in each other's lives. There are definately topics you can discuss that are just asking for trouble & because some people don't see where that line is supposed to be - you HAVE to be very clear with them about it. I generlaly don't wear isn't something I would EVER shaer with any man as info - and it is beyond flirty in my opinion. Flirty is telling someone they look great...going on & on about it - being provacative in discussion is beyond flirty & starting into inviting trouble.

I say you have every right to be concerned, to tell him how you feel & to draw a line of what he shou;d & shouldn't do. I am not a huge devotee' of Dr Phil but I do believe two things he says about marriage - those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing & you should never behave in person (or email, IM ,etc) any way that you wouldn't behave if your spouse were present...anything else just adds up to trouble.

Good luck hun!
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