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October 17th, 2010, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by ☆picklesmama☆ View Post
He sounds completely normal and right on track to me
Those little cooing sounds he makes to himself are most lilely the beginning of babbling. His interacting with you sounds fine. I don't know who you re comparing him to that is making you think he's behind, but thinking about my own typical kids, I don't think he does. Give him a couple of months before you worry, it's not even a red flag for concern until around 9 months. I bet he'll be babbling up a storm by then, because he sounds developmentally perfect to me.
What did his pedi say at his last check-up?
Thank you so much I'm posting all the way from Sweden Had to ask somewhere else than the swedish message board I'm usually on. Never got any answers there.

I'm comparing him to what other moms write about their babies and to the books and websites about what a baby should be doing around 6-7 months and that's babbling alot and being able to say things like "baba, dada, mama, gaga" etc.

I'm worried because he likes to be quiet alot. He's not a chatty baby. He likes to talk vowels to himself in a soft voice in the morning and then scream of joy during the day and maybe a few other vowel sounds throughout the day but they come one and one. Mostly quiet though.

I am so glad you think he sounds normal

He had his check-up when he was 6 months old but they never asked or said anything about speech/babble. No questions, no tests, nothing. And of course, my son was quiet all of the time, they only checked if he could grab, look for things etc.
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