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October 17th, 2010, 04:39 PM
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Aw. When is AF due? I never show positive until AF has passed up her appearance.

BF and I met online. He emailed me on this site called myyearbook. And I sent him an email back. We then started texting and went out and just went from there, lol. However we are both stubborn and tend to butt heads a lot.

He busted his ankle when he was getting out of a black hawk. He's a mechanic in the army and works on em. Anyways, he was stepping out, had his foot on the wheel, and put the other one down. Apparently didn't distribute the weight right and rolled onto his ankle and broke it. Now they have to go in and reset everything.

And Karston goes up to Duke Children's Hospital tomorrow for a consult with the Pediatric Urologist. His testicles keep yo-yoing and won't settle and seal into the scrotum. So they are looking into surgery to permanently place them into their home and seal em in. Poor guy. This will make surgery 3 in his little life.

So what is something that you absolutely love to do in your free time?
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