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October 18th, 2010, 07:46 AM
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I went in to be induced on Oct. 13th at 6am. They started the pitocin about 7:30 and my OB broke my water at 7:45. By 8am, the contractions were coming pretty good. I came in to the hospital already dilated to a 4 and baby at 0 station. By a little after 10am I was at 6 cm and having HARD contractions that were a minute and a half apart and mostly all in my back. Holy mother of God.. the back labor was worse than anything I've ever experienced!! My nurse came in and told me that they had a surgery coming up so if I didn't get the epidural, she thought I'd deliver without one because she was sure my labor would be fast. So about a quarter after 10 I got the epidural.. which was WONDERFUL except for a little window on my right side lower stomach that didn't go numb and boy did I feel it!! From there everything was a whirlwind. They put me on my right side for a little while to try and get the epidural to work over there, but the baby didn't tolerate it that well, so over on the left I went. All the rolling they were doing kept knocking the monitors off where they needed to be on my stomach, so about 11:30, my nurse came in saying my OB wanted to put in the internal monitors. I was feeling a TON of pressure and told her I thought I needed to push, so she checked my cervix and told the other nurse who was with her not to bother with the monitors because I was 10cm and baby was RIGHT there. My OB came in and they put my feet in the sturups and the other nurse looked and said.. "You're going to do this in one push.. I can already see her head!" So.. ONE small push and my OB is saying "STOP PUSHING!!" The cord was wrapped around her neck twice and her hand came out with her head. Once my OB got the cord off her neck, I barely pushed again and the rest of her was out. She started crying right away.. which was nice because NONE of my other kids cried right away.. Noah was blue, Nicky was sputtering and had to be suctioned like crazy, and Aly was just quiet. She was only 6 lbs even and 18 inches long. Her APGARS were 9 and 10. All of us were in complete shock at how little she was! Everyone was expecting an over 9 lb baby and here is this little peanut! So after only 3 1/2 hours of labor... 1 1/2 pushes.... Savannah Grace-Mileana joined our family. Big Brother Noah is proud as can be... Big Brother Nicky is still a little gun shy around her but is warming up... and Big Sister Aly keeps giving her kisses LOL We're all doing GREAT and I don't even feel like I just had a baby!!

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