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October 18th, 2010, 10:46 PM
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Hi everyone.... I was about to start an introduction thread when I saw this one... so I am guessing this is where I am supposed put this?? I used to frequent this board a bit, about 2 years ago... but there wasn't much happening, so haven't been around in a while.

My name is Tiph, and I am the oldest dd of Mary (Marmeeof5) and sister of Heather (BirthDoulaToBe)!

Personally, I am a 26-year-old homeschool grad, chocoholic (yes please... better yet, make it dark!) & coffee aficionado.. Living my dream as crunchy, AP mommy, to my precious daughter "KB" (born at home, Aug '07).... a homemaker... and a helpmeet to my husband, B. ♥

As for my green journey.... I personally feel that "being green" encourages us to be more prudent & economical with the resources of which we are blessed to have! God has given us this beautiful earth to live on... and I feel we ought to be better stewards of and take more responsibility for it's care!

Without the label... I was pretty much raised by a AP & crunchy mom. From early on, we were taught the importance of recycling, not littering, good stewardship, frugality, living debt free, living simply & having a strong family unit. We were homeschooled, and taught to cook and sew simple items from a young age. Much of my wardrobe consisted of handmade or hand-me-downs, as Marmee always stressed the importance of $$ and how to stretch a dollar. She wore & breastfed every one of us, and made sure we all knew the benefits of eating a well-balanced meal. We even had times (depending on finances & stages of life) where we did all, most of, or (at least) some of the following: ate completely healthful & organic.... shopped at health food stores vs. the reg. grocery stores... juiced... made our own bread.... used herbal/natural remedies.... used only reusable items (like grocery bags)... and even managed an organic produce coop (and did so for a long time)!

From the beginning of our marriage, I began naturally implementing many of the things I was raised with (cooking at home vs eating out, recycling, shopping second-hand, cutting coupons, using only things that were necessary (lights, water, air conditioning, electricity, etc), not spending a lot of money on extravagances, etc.)... but I never saw myself as anything more than the average young adult... who was newly married, and trying to get on our feet. Then (almost two years later) I got pregnant, and began going the birthing center, to see a midwife for my care. It all went uphill from there. I guess the saying "When you have a baby is changes the way you see the world" is more true than I realized. Throughout my pregnancy, I was reminded of all the wonderful benefits of cloth diapering babywearing, & co-sleeping... given some awesome tips... and even learned about some cool new things, like Elimination Communication & some not-so-known methods of wearing your baby - like a wrap or a Mei Tai. Then, after the beautiful homebirth of our daughter....I started attending play groups, LaLeche League Meetings, babywearing groups, & EC meetings... and found myself being enlightened on issues much deeper than milestones, breastfeeding, ring-slings & having a diaper-free babe. I was being encouraged to research what's in things, and the impact they have on our daily lives. From shoes to plastics - cleaning to health... I have found an increasing conviction & interest in living more eco-friendly... as I continue to discover just how endless education is, if you're willing to listen & learn!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!!

~Tiph: DaGreeksWife

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