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October 20th, 2010, 03:04 PM
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I am a full time student in my senior year of my bachelors. I am going for Human Resource Management. Just like you I worked since I was 15 and I stopped working when dh left to Korea and haven't worked since. I can't wait to start working again! I am already looking for jobs to where we pcs next. We haven't gotten orders for sure that we are going to Fort Jackson but we are suspended in hopes to get one. We should know in two weeks.

By the way thank you. I love taking pictures of my son and putting them up. I have no idea how to make a siggy. I would love to make one but I just upload pictures because I don't know how to do a cool design.

Currently I just found out I have shingles so on the couch I am bound. I also can't hold Owen. He can get chicken pox from me if exposed. We don't want that.
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