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October 20th, 2010, 06:02 PM
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The contractions & overall "ickiness" started on Sunday night, I would say around 11pm. It certainly was not an instant "oh this is labor" feeling, as time I progressed and I was still feeling small contractions, I knew that something was up. I was up pretty much most of the night going to the bathroom & just tossing & turning in my sleep.

By noon time I had bloody show & was still having contractions. They were spacing out and very irregular, but I knew this was labor. I could feel it. It was so similar to my early labor with Megan, that went on for a few good days.

Tuesday I decided to go in & get checked out. I wanted to make sure that the bleeding was indeed bloody show and see if I was even making progress. Well much to my amazement I was 5cm, 50-75% effaced & he was -2, so still above the pelvis. This of course scared the heck out of me & as soon as I got home, the cleaning & nesting kicked in BIG time!

I slept great that night, woke up & everything seemed about normal, still having some more contractions, only a little more pressure then before, but I had that gut feeling that today was the day for something to happen.

I got the girls dressed, got them breakfast, turned on Super Why & then went to take a shower. While in the shower I felt a gush of water that was a different temperature then the rest of the water, but for some reason I didn't really think much of it. I got out, went to get dressed. Sat down on the bed as I usually do because bending over was awful.. Went to stand up & then GUSH! Seriously, it didn't stop! I was mortified! I know it was my water, but I was freaking out because I didn't feel like I was ready, LOL.

I called Carlos, who was pretty much 5 mins from work, he turned around. Called my midwife. Everyone gathered together back at the house.

Lynn (the nurse), Carlos & Jenn (my midwife) got everything prepped & ready. We had no idea how long or how short things we go, so better safe then sorry. My contractions were still very irregular & weak.. We went for a walk, ate lunch, walked some more.. Jenn decided that everyone just head out & allow me to rest. She had a feeling that I was in Mommy mode since the girls were awake & that labor more then likely wouldn't start until they were in bed.

Boy, was she right. Pretty much 15-20 mins after the girls were in bed the contractions started. It was around 9pm. They were getting stronger, but still very irregular, but I could feel my body acting differently. I waited an hour before calling Jenn.

Around 11pm she arrived and she checked me.. I was 6cm but very stretchy. She did a really good sweep to help keep the contractions coming. It was pretty freaking painful, but after that the contractions came hard & steady!

Around 2am I felt him a lot lower and the contractions were a lot stronger. We all decided it was time for the tub. So I got in & the contractions spaced out, but that was fine with me. They were so painful. Around 2:30 I could feel my body starting to push so we all knew it wouldn't be much longer. Everyone was awake (minus Megan & Emily) and just kinda doing little last minute things, Jenn was checking on another patient in labor who had transfered to the hospital, Lynn was making sure I was doing well, Carlos was just sort of in a daze.

At about 2:50 I knew he would be coming soon. The pressure was becoming unbearable. But I knew it would feel better if I let my body do all the work, especially since I was so tired all ready. With the next contraction I felt him come down & I could feel him crowning. Lynn said she could see his head, I was just kinda in shock, like wow.. Hes coming!! After I felt his head out I let out a really big deep breath & then I felt his little body come out. Jenn told me to reach down & grab my son.. It was magical to say the least. I pulled him up & just snuggled him right to my chest.

Lynn brought over lots of warm towels and we just enjoyed each other for a few moments.. He was letting out the sweetest little cries, it was just amazing. After the cord was cut, Carlos did some skin to skin with little William & then snuggled up while I delivered my placenta & got checked out. Everything was perfect, no tearing, bleeding was perfect.. Everything was just well.. perfect.

It was quiet, uneventful, just a perfectly calm easy labor & delivery. I'm so glad to have had such a wonderful team on my side to be there with me.

Welcome to the world my love..

William Phoenix Fournier
October 14th, 2010. 3:00am CST
8lbs 5oz 21" long.
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