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October 20th, 2010, 08:17 PM
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My DD is 8 years old. Since she was a baby she got a vit D supplement in the winter only (of course winter here is pretty much September to May). I used to only give her the paltry recommended 400 IU but I now give her 1000 IU a day, and am trying to find some research to figure out if that is enough. DS is 4 months old so he gets breastmilk I take 6400 IU of Vitamin D so that he gets his vit D in my milk.

Mia is very rarely sick. We are very lucky. If she does get the sniffles, like maybe once a year, we just ride it out. Maybe some Ibuprofen if she has a really high fever that's bugging her. If not then fluids and rest. I'm a huge believer in rest when you're sick, I'll keep her home from school at the first sign of trouble and make her sleep it off... As for DS, I hope he's the same way. So far he's had the sniffles once and all I did was rinse out his sinuses with a little warm salt water to help him breathe.

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