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October 21st, 2010, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by ChicaChels View Post
epidurals can increase the risk of a c-section, but they can also prevent them in mommas who can't relax enough to allow their body to dilate. Tension and stress will stop/stall labor, so it sounds like you made the right choice for you and your babies

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My friend and I were both planning NCBs as they are safest and healthiest in general (she was due 3 months before me). But she developed some blood pressure issues, and in the end she felt that getting an epi would actually be safer for her delivery (she was probably right, too).

Aside from minimizing risks, I also felt like an epi was a really poor choice for me because I know I have a very high pain tolerance, but a super low tolerance for pain meds. It doesn't take much pain meds at all to make me loopy or pass out. I was terrified that an epi, best case scenario, would stall my labor.

I'm really grateful that (despite a lot of back labor from her being sunny side up) I was able to see my NCB plans through. I was thrilled with how alert she was and I feel, in my case, the first few hours of intense and blissful bonding would have been severely impaired by pain meds.
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