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October 21st, 2010, 01:02 PM
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oh man...why are so many women passing placenta after birth? You are the third on this board in the past few months. That worries me a lot.

Please be careful with antibiotics when nursing. Thrush is a very common side effect. I would get both of you on probiotics ASAP. You can take it yourself and put some on your nipple before feeding Teddy. The rash does sound like a reaction.

I hope you feel better soon. The hormonal crash is very tough after giving birth. It's such a fast change your body has to deal with, one day you are pregnant and then boom, you're not. I was a mess after I had Cadie for about a month. With Vivian it was so much easier since I encapsulated the placenta. Try to get out a bit and make sure you are doing some things for yourself too.
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