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October 21st, 2010, 01:39 PM
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Just found this story. It says that Nadya wasn't actually implanted with just 6 embryos but with 12! She has said that it was six and that two of them split into twins but testimony from the doctor says it was 12. She was obviously trying to get pregnant with multipes - not that we didn't already know that - but this is just really disturbing that her doctor would implant so many.

Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor flouted national standards by implanting her with a dozen embryos in the pregnancy that resulted in octuplets, according to testimony at a licensing hearing.
Lawyer: Octuplets' mom implanted with 12 embryos - TODAY People -

It also says that these were not frozen embryos that she was trying to make sure to not let get wasted but rather that she had a fresh cycle each time.

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