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October 22nd, 2010, 12:07 PM
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I lurk here a lot, and love to read everyone's experiences with natural childbrith.

D and I are planning to start TTC in about 8-10 months and I REALLY want to have a natural childbirth. I do not want drugs in my body, and especially not the baby's (if I can help it).

I live in a pretty rural area in Atlantic Canada. Midwives are legal in our province now, but due to the high costs for them, they only really exist in places where hospitals employ them. Unfortunatly for me, they are all way too far from my home to utilize them, and unless something changes in the next year or so, I will have to give birth at our local hospital.

I've read a bit about hypnobabies and the Bradley method. I was leaning more towards the Bradley method, but there are NO instructors here.

Can anyone reccommed some resources for me that will teach me to prepare my body and mind(even starting now) for a natural birth? Any books? Links? etc.

I am a HUGE wimp, so I definately need a plan and a method for when I finally give birth.
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