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October 23rd, 2010, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by docsmama View Post
I agree, he sounds fine. If there was something wrong you would see other signs too and the time frame for babbling can really vary, my daughter started babbling at 4 months and you know what? She's almost 19 months old and she still only has a couple of words and she's completely typical. So just because those other babies are babbling (and believe me they are not saying mama and dada, they are probably just saying mamammamam and dadadada to everything.) doesn't mean they are developmentally ahead and it doesn't mean your son is develpmentally behind. If he's social, loves to play, has good eye contact, makes sounds, plays appropriately with toys and all that then he's fine and he'll probably be babbling his head off soon. That being said you can check out the red flags in one of the stickies at the top of this board and if you see anything else that worries you come back and tell us.
Thank you for your input! That means alot to me!

I read the thread you recommended and honestly, I can't see a thing in there that applies to my son. The only thing I would like to ask about is this one:

"Not making eye contact during activities and interacting with peers and/or adults"

Our son DOES make good eye contact. He definitely knows how to and does it. But how often do they have to do it during activities and how intense does it have to be? Sometimes when our son is playing with a toy he can be very occupied by it, putting it in his mouth, chewing and looking at it from different angles. He can look up for a second and look us in the eye and then continue his play and investigation of the toy. Sometimes he looks at us more, and other times the toy is much more interesting. Does it sound normal?

He had a moment in the store today when he went Aaaaa Oooo Aoooee for a long period of time. So cute! Smiling, "talking" with his vowels and looking at us! Then in the elevator he did the same thing to a man, looking at him, trying to get his attention.
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