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October 25th, 2010, 09:04 AM
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I saw on FB, from a mutual friend of ours (mine & my ex), that my ex had put his condo up for sale.

I asked our DS if he was moving, or if there were boxes packed etc. he said no, he knew nothing about a move, or a potential move.

Now... when me & DH moved to our home, prior to moving here, we had looked at other homes. And when we put bids on another home, signed the P&S, I had told my ex, basically the whole time what was going on. Not because I had too, but b/c I felt that we had a child together, it would be nice to "share" this info out of being respectful.

When we finally bought this house (the other home had not worked out, the sellers had backed out & we never got the original home, which worked out for us actually), I had again, kept my ex & his wife, in the know. When we moved into this home, I gave them the grand tour, the whole nine. Everything, I made sure they saw where we were living, where our DS was going to be living.

Long story short, I got the NEWS of their move/sale on FB through "mutual" friends. I emailed my ex about it & didn't say much other than "would have been nice to know through them directly instead of through a networking site". They basically dismissed it. Like it wasn't a big deal. Well, to me it is, my son, who stays there 2 times a month, I want to know where that is. And if my ex is moving, I want to know WHERE he is moving too. I don't have an issue of them moving or buying a home that is larger to fit their needs of their expanding family, I understand that, but at the same time, to have that information be plastered on a networking site like FB prior to letting your family know, it's just a bit...well...tacky. I was offended & thought they would have at least said something before hand. I don't know.

There is something that's happened MAJOR medically recently (this past August) which caused me to "step-down" as host here on Blended Families, my DS' step-mother has been very kind & wanted all of us to sit down & discuss how we could all help one another & see what our rolls would be as my illness got worst. She made the comment of "we're a family, we're going to help each other". I guess I've always felt that & to have this "move" or "potential move" be given to me by someone other than themselves, just made it a bit weird.

Any ways. Just wanted to rant that out (end rant)... not really looking for an opinion or resolution on this. Felt the need to get it out. Maybe some of you have gone through something similar in the past or might in the future.

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