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October 25th, 2010, 06:06 PM
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no, three kids at the doctor isn't doable....

I'll go, I'll be on time for my appt however the doctor will be running an hour behind. So I'll be forced to sit in some waiting room with old people who don't like small children and at least one person who coughs as if they are dying from an unknown and uncurable disease.

Then when I finally get in the back it will be another 1/2 hour before I see the doc, which will be prime meltdown time. Kids will be hungry, not want the snacks I brought, have drank all their juice, and be hitting and biting each other in boredom. The doc office will have no toys or books to entertain small children and even though I brought a small toy box and a library from home they will be bored with all that.

Then they will want to do unthinkable things to me, like weigh me (gasp) and have me undress and sit in one of those horrible gowns while waiting with small children. One of whom will have to use the bathroom or have a bloody nose or some other minor catastrophe which will require a trip into the hallway while I have on said gown. They won't wait for me to change and they will run into the hallway and round corners before I can nab them. Which will force me to run out into the hall in the horrific gown thing.......

All for some doctor to finally see me and tell me I'm tired because I have my hands full, ask me if I want birth control and tell me I need to lose weight (duh...remember the nine kids??!!??)

Then they will charge me $10 for wasting my time, stressing me out and telling me what I already know.

Thansk for the help ladies.....I decided, I'll go when I am **** near dead or my head is on fire.
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