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October 25th, 2010, 08:06 PM
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Amanda, I totally agree about it being her fault if he grows up being indifferent to her. DH's mom has not seen the youngest nephew (turned 3 in Sept) since a year ago in May and the last time she saw him she just yelled at him touching stuff that was down at his level. I mean 18 month old kids explore new places with their hands. . . duh! She was such a total witch to the older nephew (turned 10 in Sept) that she totally ruined last Christmas for everyone after she was the one who demanded everyone be there for like 12 hours. Katie as well as Zac will have no memories of her and the only memories Alex will have of her will be of a screaming old hag. DH's dad has never seen Katie and probably never will so he is out of the picture entirely.
DD has my parents who are awesome and several of my aunts and uncles who totally dote on her in addition to my sister, my cousins and their children (the next youngest to Katie is 14) who think Katie is absolutely perfect. So, she won't be lacking for family who adore her.
Didn't mean to hijack your post. Just wanted to let you know that I understand about messed up ILs.

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