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October 26th, 2010, 02:27 AM
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Well..I dont believe this is a pack leader behavior... Mine know whos in charge they just want to protect.

Casper my boxer/pointer acted the same way during my first pg. (and actually still does now) He's very agressive towards anyone who comes into the house even now, he'll growl at them but if I say its okay, then he's all tail waggin.

When I was pg, he was always on the couch with with me, layin his head on my belly in protectin like he just knew. Now, if someone comes by, like my grandmother or my MIL and they are playing with my boys, like tickling them, Casper gets upset and he'll start barking I have to tell him its okay and then he's fine. Casper is actually DH's dog but since I was pg with my first, its me he listens too and he watches my boys like they are his own.

However I do agree with meghan on that one point. If this is your first pregnancy, you will need to establish the head of the pack. She will need to know that baby is also her master. With my dogs, I did this by, allowing the nursery to be open to them, they were allowed in the room prior to my first sons birth.. to sniff and smell to become familar with it.

When we brought Stone home, DH entered with a baby blanket first (this is due to how protective Casper had gotten of me during my pregnancy, we wanted him to know things were okay) I brought Stone in a few mins later, we allowed him to sniff the baby momentarily and things went on as usual.

Heres a pic... Casper is the white dog on the right, Smokie (my beloved cocker may he RIP) is on the left and my baby black cat Tevye (may he RIP)

Thats the night I cam home with my first born.

Thank you *Kiliki* for my gorgeous siggie!
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