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October 26th, 2010, 01:19 PM
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With my first, I had heard horror stories about pitocin contractions. So when I needed pitocin with my first, I asked for an epidural to be administered beforehand. I never felt a single pitocin contraction.

With my second, I mentally prepared myself for a NCB, since I knew I wouldn't have the choice to go to the hospital right away (because my husband would take about 50-80 minutes to drop our son off at his parents, get back, and then get me to the hospital). Thus I knew I would need to have some sort of method for coping with contractions while waiting at home. I wound up getting to the hospital at about 7cm, was told that if I wanted an epidural, I had to ask for it then. I was doing so well I skipped it.

Because of my experience (doing just fine with a NCB with one child, choosing an epidural just because of other woman's horror stories with the other), I really have to wonder about the women who are anti-epidural and share birth horror stories. If you think epidurals are harmful, don't ever say anything (online or IRL) that may make a woman think she can't do it without one. And no, sharing how your birth was incredibly painful, but you managed without an epidural is not encouraging--it scares pregnant women! I have no way of knowing if I'm as "strong" as you, all I'm going to remember is the painful agony you say you went through.

Sorry, this is a sore point. Mainly because the woman I know IRL with the worst painful pitocin horror stories also thinks that it's "sinful" to get an epidural. If she kept her mouth shut about the "painful pit", I would have been at least willing to try to do it without an epidural.
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