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July 3rd, 2006, 02:54 PM
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I am going to be VERY blunt and honest with you about this situation and most likely will not like what I have to say but I have to say it -- GET RID OF THE MYSPACE CRAP!! Seriously! This is going to be an on going battle and I hate to say this, as long as you both have internet access there is ALWAYS going to be the uncomfortable/uneasy feeling & wondering. The internet is NOT something to mess around with! It can be your best friend or it can be your worst enemy!! Personally, if I were you I would disconnect the internet all together, of course we would miss you here but it's not worth loosing your marriage over. Two married people should not have seperate "guy" or "girl" friends PERIOD! It invites trouble!! I am personally speaking from experience. Right now the most important thing is your children, your health, the babies health, and your marriage -- everything else falls second. I wish you the best of luck with this situation, but I fear until the internet is cut off the problems are only going to get worse. (((HUGS)))

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