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October 27th, 2010, 10:04 AM
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My sister. She thinks being married is a walk in the park and if you are married your dh rubs your feet every night, and massages your back. I am not even kidding. She thinks no one ever thinks badly about you if you are a mom and that moms look down on people without kids. She says stuff like "Well, if you just put your remote in the right place it would never go missing" Good luck to her after 24 hours of being me

And maybe DH, specifically when I have PMS/pregnancy hormones and he asks "but what is wrong? I can't understand how you could be sad and not know why, it makes no sense" Or maybe when I have those "just one more" feelings so he knows how strong it feels on my end. ANd of course just to understand all hte little things I do that no one notices that make the show run smoothly..(or smoothish )

But at the end of the day I like being me quite a bit and I would certainly want to be me again after a full 24 hours!!

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