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October 27th, 2010, 03:55 PM
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Here I am at 35 1/2 weeks about the same time we lost Seth. I am holding on pretty good so far but I have to admit the anxiety is up there.

I have an amnio scheduled for Monday, Nov 1 at the Peri office. Monday at the biophysical the Peri came in and mentioned he was concerned that my OB scheduled my Amnio at 36w3d. Evidently the lab used to do LS-ratio amnios but now they only do PG amnio and he thought the PG amnio would be less likely to show up mature lungs even though the LS amnio might have. He had recommended I hold off another week.

This made me sad and nervous but I understood. I called the OB to let her know and get her recommendation. I thought she would likely agree with him and I was disappointed.

Well, My OB calls back and said that she though 36w3d was perfectly reasonable for a pg amnio on a girl to come back mature and that given my history I should at least try. She said if the Peri I am seeing didnt want to do it then she would refer me to the other in town... The peri hadn't said he wouldnt do it just that he was concerned it could come back immature and Id have to go again.

Anyways, after talking to DH I decided that I would go ahead and do it and risk having to do it twice. I just can't stand the thought of waiting knowing it could have come back mature and I could have induced. I feel like a ticking time bomb already because Seth dying was completely unexplained.

So the plan is Amnio and another bio on Monday Nov 1. If it comes back mature then we move forward with the induction on Wed of Thurs. If it comes back Immature, repeat the next Monday for an induction Wed or thurs of the next week.

I feel ok about this, I'm just ready to have her out of me....not that there won't be other worries once she's here but I just can't risk something unexplained happening to her since she's perfectly fine now.

We also did a growth scan on Monday at the Peri. She measured just under 6 lbs. So if we have her next week she'd likely be 6 1/2 +, The week after 7+

Please keep us in your thoughts. Sooooo close to having my Rainbow baby in my arms.

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