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October 28th, 2010, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by CricketInPeril View Post
I don't evaluate it based on "educational value." Not everything in life has to be about education. Sometimes, it can just be fun

Some kids progammes seriously creep me out or annoy me to death. Dora is one of latter, In the Night Garden is definitely one of the former. I either haven't seen the others or my kids were just never into them. Spongebob is cute and funny, but annoying after a while. But at least it has a reasonably good character. I like Spongebob. He's always positive, he helps his neighbors, he gives 100% at his job, and he can get along with almost anyone. Even Plankton.

There's others I like too. Little Bear, for a lot of the same reasons as SB. Charlie and Lola, because it's adorable. A few others, but my kids aren't really big followers of any one show usually, so I don't learn to like or learn to hate most of them. I dodged the Dora bullet with both girls though, GO ME!
Really? That's interesting. We've (DH, DD and I) have watched a few episodes, and each time, it's focused on potty humour and irresponsible behaviour. Maybe I need to watch again.

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