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October 28th, 2010, 01:11 PM
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Hi everyone.
During the last year I`ve for some unknown reason developed RPL. I have two beautiful children born in 2004 and 2007, and DH and I decided in June 2009 to go for a third even though I`ve had hyperemesis gravidarum in my former pregnancies (which is a terrible thing, but with the perfect reward).

Well, November 2009 I got my BFP. By December I got admitted to hospital due to dehydration, and I got to see a perfect peanut on u/s, still only 7w1 though I expected at least 8w1. I wasn`t too worried as they told me everything else was looking good and we were just trying to cope as a family through my vomiting...
In January, 14w0, during my 5-year old daugther`s birthday party, my waters broke with heavy bleeding and cramping, and I knew everything was lost. We were both devastated, still it was even a greater shock when the u/s showed a dead emryo measuring only 8w3d. The heart hadn`t been beating for several weeks, through Christmas and me knitting baby clothes and puking, hope was already lost.
They tried Cytotec, but it had no effect at all, so I had a D/C.

We decided to go for it. All the time being sick just for nothing made us want this no3 even more. The children also wept over the baby that all of a sudden died and was gone.
BFP March 19th. Happy, so happy. The happiness changed to worry as I didnīt get sick at all, and at 8w1 I got an u/s showing an embryo measuring 7w1 with a stong HB. The ob told us everything would be fine this time, two times in a row couldn`t be possible as we already had two children. Well, I guess he was pretty wrong. Two weeks later the embryos heart had already stopped a week ago, 8w1. Of course the Cytotec didn`t work and I had a second D/C.

Everyone told us we would succeed the next time, so we tried to stay positive and went on.
BFP July 30th.
The first u/s at 7+2 showed an embryo measuring 5w5 and I was terribly worried. Still the ob told me the HB was strong and the yolk sac was big and beautiful, all signs of a viable pregnancy. I had a follow up after 1 week and after 2 weeks and the embryo was growing the way it should and the heart was beating pretty.
Still, u/s 10w5 there was no HB.
It had stopped 8w6.
New D&C, and even another one after two weeks b/c they didn`t to it right the first time.

Three times my babies have died in the 9th week. I am healthy and have had bloodtests done, showing everything is normal. We are now waiting for our appointment for further investigations in Feb`10.

Of course we are so grateful to have our lovely two children. Still it is hard to let go of the dream of having a third and the losses have been devastating every time. It is hard to come to terms with us having this problem and we don`t really know how to cope and what to do down the road.

I really do wish all the best for all of you in here. Now I`ll read the happy stories.
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