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October 28th, 2010, 04:25 PM
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What are your superstitions or rituals for luck or to counter bad luck? I don't have any superstitions, and I don't participate in rituals.
Do you have items that bring you good luck, or which you avoid because they're unlucky? I once had a fake, neon green rabbits foot, but that's just because they were cool at the time.
Do you find other superstitions strange or ridiculous? I find all superstitions ridiculous. Most are just common sense. Mirrors were expensive back in the day, a ladder could fall and hurt you, or you could knock the ladder and hurt someone on the ladder, just common sense.
Do some only apply at certain times of the year, or on certain holidays? Nope
Are some items or phrases inherently lucky, or inherently unlucky? I don't believe so.
Are certain numbers lucky or unlucky?Numbers are numbers.
Why, for all of the above? What's the story behind the belief? Well, I've walked under ladders, broken mirrors, spilled the salt, I own 5 pure black cats, and nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened to me. Really, I don't believe in "luck". Yea, I use the phrase "Oh Lucky!" but that's just out of habit.

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