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October 28th, 2010, 05:43 PM
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That's why I said I can empathize with women who are raped that abort. I can't imagine how they would feel, but there is a innocent child in the making who had no choice in the matter of being born or not. People can tell me a baby in the womb is just a "fetus" and isn't really "alive", but that's not how I feel. It is NOT the woman's fault she got raped and ended up getting pregnant, but I am a very pro-life person. I can't really look down on it because I don't know the torment rape victims are going through, but my beliefs and feeling on abortion still are what they are.

I honestly don't know what I would do if I got raped and got pregnant. I would like to say because of my very pro-life-ness I would carry the baby to term and adopt out, or maybe even keep it. It is still a part of me. I can only speculate, however.

I do realize now my post sounded quite harsh on the rape matter, sorry for that. Tact, Linzie, USE IT!

Originally Posted by K.A.T View Post
What about people who have used bc and had it fail? Yes, there are some that use is as a form of bc, but those tend to be women who have repeated abortions. The women who do it maybe once their entire life, it's not necessarily of a form of bc for them. Especially if they DID use bc and it failed. It does happen.
I know accidents can happen. My baby brother was an accident. My mom was religiously on birth control, was taking special vitamins and oopsie! If it was an accident I would strongly suggest adoption if the woman is not ready financially or emotionally to care for a child. I really don't like abortion. A baby is a baby to me, even in the womb. From the moment of conception I had a life growing inside me depending on me for everything. He was a part of me.

I won't make decisions for others, and you won't see me shouting hurtful things in front of an abortion clinic or saying nasty things/breaking a friendship if a friend had an abortion. I wouldn't do it myself, but I can't control what others do with their body.

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