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October 29th, 2010, 07:51 PM
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My husband and I were discussing the birth today. And we were discussing visitors after, etc. I told him that I really wanted it to just be him, my mom and the doula at the birth center until after Kennedy is born, that his mom can come then, but not until after the birth. I told him it wasn't anything personal, but that I wasn't comfortable and felt it would be awkward for her to be at the birth center while I'm in labor and delivering. He went ballistic. He said that it wasn't about me, and that he can not and will not tell his mother that she can't come. WTH?! I'm sorry....last I checked, I'm the one that's pushing this baby out, I'm pretty sure it is about me to some extent. He then went on to tell me how selfish it was and that his brother's wife let him and his mom be at the hospital in the waiting room. Um yes...if we were delivering at a hospital with a waiting room, she could gladly sit in the waiting room.

I asked him if he'd want to spread his legs and let his goods hang out with my mother present? Of course he said, "No, but this is different." He ended up screaming at me. We're supposed to be meeting with the doula this week. I'm just praying that she can talk some sense into him. I'm willing to give in on a lot of things, but this is one thing that I'm not willing to compromise on. Especially after his attitude about it.

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