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July 4th, 2006, 07:14 AM
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Ok so when does lying actually count as a sin Is it any lie or major lies? I personally lie but not in a bad way its more or less a fib Let me give some examples:
1. My SIL wants to come up for a week before we move to Hawaii, I am really busy and dont feel like entertaining her, so I tell her that she cant come up because we have to stay in a hotel because we have to sell all our furniture and there just isnt room for everyone. (not true)
2. A friend calls and asks if I want to do this or that Friday, I say I cant because I am busy that day and have errands to run. (not true)
3. A creditor calls and asks when I am paying such and such and I say I sent payment even though I havent yet!

ok so there are many more examples, but am I terrible for telling these harmless lies or am I totally sinning? Does everyone do this or just me? I of course would never lie to someone if somebody could get hurt or offended, and I do not just go around making up lies, I know its a commandment!

Ok so the question is do you or dont you do this "type" of lie and do you think its a sin?

ETA: I meant to post this in the religous debate but oh well! sorry girls [/b]
I think everyone has told little lies like that. My dh lies all the time, telling me I look fine when I know I look like crap. I have a hard time telling people no too. I can't really comment on whether or not I think it's a sin because I don't believe in God. I would much rather tell a little lie than hurt someone's feeling though.
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