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October 30th, 2010, 02:57 PM
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I thought a running log thread might help to keep me and others accountable. It would also inspire me to see how much other people are walking/running

Today was day one of training for the Feb. 1/2 marathon.

Day 1: Ran 1.7 miles straight and walked 1/2 mile

Day 2: Walked 1.7 miles with Charlotte bjourned to me

Day 3: Off (sent hubs to get my treadmill though from my parents house for when it gets too cold to run outside-yay!)

Day 4: Ran 2 miles on the treadmill, and did 18 parent teacher conferences with my long term sub, so mentally and physically exhausted!!

Day 5: Tired tonight. Ran 1.5 miles and walked .5 miles on the treadmill.

Day 6: off

Day 7: off (yikes...)

Day 8: Ran 1.7, walked/jogged .3

Day 9: So bad Going to bed instead of running


WOO HOO!!! I did it! I made myself run 2.5 mile run and 1 mile walk. Felt great!!!!!!!!

Day 11: Opted for Japanese Steakhouse instead for Jacob's straight S+s

Day 12: 3 mile run!!!

Day 13: off

Day 14: off

Day 15: 3 mile run (painful!!)

Day 16: 4 mile run (with a few minutes of walking) in 48 minutes!!!

Day 17: off

Day 18: off (whoops In my defense, hubs didn't get home until 9 pm tonight )

Day 19: 5 miles in 60 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Day 20: off to recover

Day 21: 4 miles, started getting really dark outside

Day 22: flying to florida so probably will not get to run until Friday

Day 23: Laid at pool

Day 24: Laid at pool

Day 25: Cooked and snacked and ate yummy food!

Day 26: Ate a Thanksgiving meal that apparently would take 14 hours of walking to get rid of!! Yikes!

Day 27: Plane home and cuddles with my hubby who I missed very, very much!

Day 28: Ran 4 miles in the FREEZING cold! BRRR!!!!!!

Day 29: off

Day 30: 5 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Met my 30 day goal!!!!!

Day 31: Off

Day 32: 5.5!!!!!!! So sore!

Day 33: off

Day 34: off

Day 35: 5.32 miles

Day 36: off

Day 37: off (yikes....)

Day 38: 5.2 miles on's cold out, getting hard to movitate...

Day 39: 6 miles!! OUCH!

Day 40: off

Day 41: 4.5

Day 42: 7 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 43: off

Day 44: off due to extreme lazy bug

Day 45: 5 painful miles on the treadmill which took 58 minutes...ugh. I'm going to be dead last at this disney run at this rate!

Day 46: 8.1

Day 47: off

Day 48: 5 and puked at mile 4?????

Day 49: off

Day 50: off

Day 51: oh gosh. Off. So bad

Day 52: 5.82 disappointed bc we thought we did 6.5

Day 53: off-christmas

Day 54: Off

Day 55: Off yikes

Day 56: 6.3 definitely need to step it up again

Day 57: off

Day 58: Got in 4 miles. Started getting really dark and my neighbor's husband (who watched kiddos while I ran) is Homeland Security. I kept picturing him pulling up behind me and yelling at me for still being out when it was dark out so I cut it short

Big run on Saturday. Attempting ten miles!!!

Day 59: TEN MILES IN TWO HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! Met my end of December goal!

Day 60:

Day 61: OUCH. off

Day 61: off, knee recovery

Day 62: off

Day 63: 2 miles, easing in

Day 64: off

Day 65: off

Day 66: 4.5 miles

Day 67: off

Day 68: off

Day 69: 6 miles

Day 79: 3 quick miles

Day 80: off

Day 81: 6.5 instead of 8 42 more days until the race!!!

Day 82: off

Day 83: off

Day 84: 6.52 in 72 minutes

So far to date, I've run over 114.22 since 5 weeks pp

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