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November 1st, 2010, 04:33 AM
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Friday October 29, 2010, 7:30PM- started having some cramping twinges. I texted Simon to let him know. I thought it was just more Braxton Hicks. Not thinking that just 15 minutes later labor would begin. The twinges turned into contractions that were regular and constant, frequenting about every 3 minutes lasting 30-50 seconds. I texted Simon again to tell him the exciting news and to please hurry home as I think it must be the real deal this time. As the contractions were painful, constant and continued even with Zane awake this time. I knew it had to be labor and baby was on his way. So now it's just waiting for Simon to get home, wish his travel commute wasn't 1.5 hours, as it would have been useful if he was only like 30 minutes away.

Simon got home around 840. He made pancakes for dinner.i decided I wanted to shower to feel clean and refreshed a bit. Zane kept wanting to get in the shower with me, normally wouldn't have minded but he was distracting me. (what we had that was quick as our other meals were frozen and would have taken a bit longer to heat up and pancakes sounded good to me. Good thing they are filling!) got out of shower and felt like hugging the yoga ball while on my knees, Zane thought this meant time for horsey tide and tried climbing onto my back, which wasn't too comfortable, Simon got him down. We ate dinner while sitting on yoga ball having contractions was very interesting and quite difficult actually. After dinner we put Zane to bed, thankfully he went down pretty easily. Or that wouldn't have been fun. We went in living room and Simon tidied up while I sat on the. Yoga ball, laid in sofa, kneeled, or walked around during contractions. So thankful he tidied up for our home birth. The tv was on for a bit was distracting but quickly wanted it off. Then wanted the Music was playing softly, had Christmas Lights on.

I needed to wee and decided to just take another shower as that would be easier to wee in and help with the intensifying pain. After, during the contractions I needed to hang on/hold Simon during them as they were much stronger and intense than previous when I could get through them alone. Thankfully I wasn't experiencing back labor this tome around. My hips/sacrum did hurt a bit as they have been the whole pregnancy. Wanted him to just rub my back during contraction this time no counter-pressure on hips needed.

Simon was my contraction timer. Each contraction he'd start and stop the timer on the iPhone app- thank goodness for iPhones and brilliant apps!

Contacted midwfie again to let her know contraction status at around 9:30. Contractions been on average 3 minutes apart lasting 30-50 seconds.

Then around 11:30 Got in the bath tub. The hard short tub was highly uncomfortable. I could not get into a comfy position but I was looking forward to finally getting into the birthing pool, though the warm water was comforting. Simon would pour water over my bump during the waves, relieving the pain. Thought the bath was going to stall the process a bit, if it did i didn't mind as i felt like i needed a break to relax before the big storm but it honestly didn't. The contractions continued right on. Anytime I changed position they seem to get stronger and longer.

Got intense and very painful around midnight, must have been transition, is my guess. I was much more vocal - moaning thru the pain, stomping my feet, lol. Sitting on the loo to wee was near impossible, much more intense contractions, as the toilet naturally causes your body to open, which is good but man sooooo painful. Most times when I'd be trying to wee and a contraction would hit I'd jump off the toilet holding on to Simon's neck and groaning into his shoulder.

Called midwife at 1245 to tell her they intense and she would be on her way. Told Si to inflate and fill up the tub. Good thing i told him too! Got in birthing pool when it was just starting to fill up. The warm water felt so good as well as sitting on inflated pool. I kept a hold of the hose pointing onto my bump letting the warm water comfort each wave. Totally helped.

The midwife arrived around 125am just after I got in the pool. Simon stayed behind my head giving me water to drink or crackers to munch on. I told him he could get in but he wanted to stay dry to be able to get drinks or etc. We discussed calling the doula to come to have that job but felt it would slow things down and was too late as then I Had a few contractions and kept having the urge to push, i was semi leaning over the pool with Simon behind holding his hands. so I just followed my body and pushed. Believe the second time during the push my water broke at 1:52am. Felt the pop but didn't see the gush like last time. Waters were clear thankfully. Had a but if bloody show after as well.

Then the pushing sensation was much stronger. Kept pushing when each contraction would hit. After a few pushes i couldn't feel contractions so i was just pushing when i wanted/could. I kept forgetting to breathe, i'd hold my breath and bare down, felt like I was poo-ing but didn't/wasn't thankfully it was such a weird sensation. The midwife and Simon kept reminding me to breathe and breathe slowly. I said I can't. It was so hard to not hold my breath and breathe deeply while pushing. It was hard to do both. As i was more focused on pushing not breathing, which isn't good. But I finally managed to figure out how to breathe and push. His head was coming out. Now i was on the other end of the pool with my back to Simon and my arms behind holding his. I reached down and felt his head and kept my hands there to guide his head out to help prevent tearing. Felt like I was tearing but I didn't care if I was. I wanted him out. I wanted to check into a squatting position but midwife wouldn't allow as she said that would make baby come too quickly and had to take it slow. So i continued pushing and could feel more of his head. His head was out and then i another push or two and he was born at 2:01, just about 40 minutes after the midwife arrived. I Wasn't counting how many pushes it took till he was born but it was about 8 minutes from my waters breaking till he was born. It was very fast but felt longer to me. Can't believe how quickly he was born. A 6.5hr labor with baby born just 8 minutes after my water breaking!

Simon and I delivered him, we both grabbed him and brought him to my chest. We were a bit surprised to see that he was bluish purple as his cord was wrapped around his neck twice and cross crossed across his chest. His cord was pulsing so that was a good sign. We handed the baby to our midwife so she could remove his cord. She placed him more in the water and untangled the lil guy's cord and handed him back to us. I placed him on my chest, in my arms and He started crying loudly. We thought Zane was going to be awoken but he stayed asleep, during the whole birth, we were shocked but very thankful it played out that way.

Counted his fingers and ties, no webbed ties like mommy, I forgot how so soft new baby hair is, I couldn't stop ribbing his lil head. He actually had some vernix stuck in his hair. He had some hair which looks a bit lighter than Zane's was, but still a but reddish. His nails were so long they were past his fingertips and breaking off.

Baby's apgars were 9, 10, 10, pretty god for having his cord twice wrapped around his neck.

Around 2:10 I was having the urge to deliver the placenta. Checked the cord to see if it had stopped pulsing and it did thankfully as I felt I could hold the baby and bear down to birth the placenta. So I asked for Simon to cut his cord and have skin to skin contact with his baby boy while I birthed the placenta. Simon cut the cord at 2:14am and took off his shirt to have skin to skin time with his baby. After 3 pushes i believe most of the placenta was out, except for a bit that didn't want to be detached yet so had to wait for more contractions to finally push it out. even the membrane sack was intact.

After took baby back while midwife took cord blood for blood test and tried again for him to nurse. He was rooting but wasn't too interested in latching.i was feeling shakey- midwife said it's from all the adrenaline but suggested to drink something sugary- had some vitamin water. Then got out if birthing pool at 2:35 to sit on sofa to try to feed him again and get checked for tears. None thankfully, just a tiny skid-mark. Midwife went over the placenta with us. It was complete, good condition, healthy etc. Simon fed me a blueberry muffin and coconut water. I forgot about after-pains, not fun! Especially second time around. They were much stronger/painful than with Zane. Simon gave me some paracetamol (like tyenol) to help with the pain. You think "yay I'm done no more pain" after you give birth but there's the lovely after-pains you get to experience which feel like continual contractions. I remembered looking at my nonexistent bump and being surprised how quickly it shrunk, just flabby not tight anymore, wish it just shrunk and stayed tight lol.
My tailbone was killing me. Sitting on it was a bit painful, took some homeopathics for recovery.

At 3:07 baby finally latched on and was nursing. Simon called my family to announce his arrival. I then had to wee and midwife suggested a shower as that would make weeing easier, so agreed upon as it did sound nice to get a quick shower to get cleaned up and refreshed so Simon took the baby and they set up the bedroom so after my shower we'd be in there.

After shower went to the bedroom and midwife went to get scale to weigh him. We were taking guesses at his weight. I guessed 7lbs 10oz. Simon guessed 7lbs 12oz and midwife guessed 8lbs 6oz. At 3:45am he was weighed. He was 8lbs 8oz a whole pound bigger than Zane was. Next Simon put a nappy on him and then we remembered to measure him he was 21in and head was 14in. I tried to feed him again while Simon called his family to make the announcement. He shares a birthday with his great grandpa Merl- who said that was the best birthday present ever.

Simon and I kept discussing names we both felt that Jude fit him so we agreed on naming him Jude but I wasn't too sure of his middle names. I knew I wanted Henry fir one and Simon agreed and he liked Weston for the other. Which I agreed to later that it fit well together and we couldn't agree on anything else.

Midwife filled out papers then came in to take my blood. Ouch have a nasty bruise think it blow an artery or a vein popped. Midwife left around 5am. We were in bed trying to get some sleep. I of course couldn't fall asleep so much adrenaline. I was just rethinking of the whole birth again. Not believing he's finally here or how quickly it happened and of course he was more than worth it and so would future possible kiddos. Lol. I was proud of myself for having another natural birth at home. Thanks Si for being there and a great support/coach, couldn't do it without you. I was very thankful all went smoothly and safely and we were healthy and fine even with the tiny worry of his cord. And thankful of course I did get/have another home birth.

Zane woke up at his usual 730 Simon brought him in to meet his new brother. I videotaped their first meeting. Zane was a bit shocked since he was asleep all night during the birth. He was very interested in Jude kept saying "bay-bay" and wanting to pet his hair. Zane looks like a big boy now, so much more than before. He's growing up and a big brother now, he's not my little baby anymore. A bittersweet moment. Zane has been a sweet big brother trying to share his puppy and silky blanket with him.

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